About A Passion to Support Local Artisans

Meet Ms. Whimsy

Adina, or “Ms. Whimsy” as she’s commonly referred to has always had a passion for arts, crafts and travel. A crafter and sewer by heart, Adina attended craft fairs throughout the province selling her wares and connecting with fellow exhibitors. Through her international travels, Adina sought out local boutiques and was humbled by the energetic atmosphere within. Browsing was not just about finding a product, it was about the experience of finding a product that spoke to her and that flaunted the talent and feeling of the region.

With a passion to further support local artisans, Ms. Whimsy’s Gift Emporium launched in 2019. All products within the store are purchased outright from local artisans, with over 60% of the items made right here in Kamloops. Adina thrives in her ability to connect with local artisans and thoroughly enjoys expanding her network. A visit to Ms. Whimsy’s is an absolute must when in the Kamloops area. You may find a treasured keepsake and will definitely feel the energy and passion of the store through Ms. Whimsy herself!